Tender Management

What We Offer-Tender Management Solutions.

Public and Private companies are reaching out to service providers to tender for business. Tender standards has increased dynamically and became more demanding. To avoid rejection at the first stage of evaluation, a tender must be compliant and address every requirement. Furthermore, to win, a tender must be professional and competitive. However, with our assistance as tender specialists, even a SME is able to compete for all suitable tenders, with the required policies and procedures.You may need help with compiling and completing a successful tender and with portraying your business and strengths “on paper” in response to the tender’s requirements. If you are going to invest the time and cost in submitting a tender, you need to give yourself the best chance of winning. The Tendering Company’s experienced professionals can help you save time and effort and offer a compliant, competitive, persuasive tender response aimed at maximising your chances of success.​​​

What We Do-Tender Management Solutions.

The Tendering Company provide a range of services providing help with tenders, depending on our clients’ abilities, confidence, time resources and needs. Services include:​ 

  • Completing the tender documents, with your input 

  • Ensuring compliance with all requirements and criteria

  • Developing company profiles and other supporting documentation

  • Reviewing previous tenders and advise on improvement areas

  • Improving tendering materials and processes 

  • RFQ’s, Proposals and Vendor Application Forms 

  • Creating templates and systems for use to capture your tenders, etc for history and future use.

  • Website design and hosting for startup companies 

If preparing a tender from scratch, we will typically:

  • Obtain the Tender Documents and attend the site visit (if a requirement)

  • Study the Request For Tender documents

  • Provide an estimated cost of our service 

  • Gain an understanding of your business 

  • Obtain pricing from suppliers on your behalf if required

  • Prepare and provide a first draft of the tender, identifying any gaps for discussion and completion

  • Provide a final draft, which fully complies with all the tender requirements and adheres to the Evaluation Criteria, leaving you confident that you have submitted a professional, competitive and credible tender that maximizes your chance of winning

We will work with you every step of the way, to understand and identify what you offer and what you need to project in the tender. We use our proven skills and methods to represent your business, capabilities and strengths in a manner that assists in scoring well against the tender Evaluation Criteria.​

Working with The Tendering Company, will ensure:

  • Expert tender advise.

  • A compliant, competitive, professional tender and supporting documentation, covering all bases, with enhanced probability of success.

  • Reduction in time and pressure in responding to the tender, and more time for you to focus on your business.

  • Submission on time, every time.

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